Manufacturing A Beauty Brand: Personal Care and Cosmetics


Whether you are a professional brand manager, an entrepreneur or a complete novice to the world of logistics; finding the right manufacturer to scale up or enhance your production efforts can be daunting.  The right manufacturer can set your beauty or personal care brand up for astronomical success.  On the other hand, the wrong manufacturer can cause an endless amount of headache, declining sales and bad customer feedback.  How will you know the difference and how will you organize the business relationship with you manufacturer?   Brought to you by Alchemist Express, a leading consulting firm and marketplace for the development of excellent personal care, cosmetics and other beauty products, this course takes you step-by-step through the process of finding, vetting, working with and continually evaluating your business relationship with beauty brand manufacturer all around the world.



  •      Are a brand manager or operations expert in charge of sourcing manufacturing help for a brand.
  •      An entrepreneur or an aspiring beauty brand entrepreneur who is looking into large scale manufacturing
  •      An online retailer looking for the best way to source private label products to sell.
  •      Looking to move the manufacture of you brand overseas
  •      Are simply interested in the logistics and management involved in beauty brand manufacturing.



Some sections of this course have worksheets, useful links and additional resources to assist you in this brand building journey. By the end of this course, you should have a very strong conceptual framework for beauty brand manufacturing success.



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